Star Wars: Rogues, Rebels and Robots

A Puzzling Planet

Ruins or Ruin



  • Vah-ran Sra-e
  • Rodian
  • Teg


The trio of BT Cruiser decide to discover an unknown planet they’ve acquired coordinates to. Once out of hyperspace, they realize it is the lost planet of Hania. Hania used to house highly sought after defense technology, inhabited by advanced weapon smiths.
From orbit, the trio could make out structure-like areas on the planet surface, and land in the area to investigate. Taking a speeder truck through the jungle planet, they are attacked by multi-armed monkey-like creatures swinging from the trees.
Once in the clear, they came across a wall leading to hollowed ground. With no way in, Vah shot a hole in the ground as an entrance into a labyrinth of puzzles. The first room contained a statue with multiple arms. Teg moved an arm only to trigger a trap that started the walls to close in on them. AZTu5oAC.jpg

Characters of Interest

Location of Interest

Items of Interest


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