Star Wars: Rogues, Rebels and Robots

The Ryloth Protectors

Releasing a village from Hutt control

Who played here

  • Vah-Ran
  • Llokay
  • Wookie
  • Rodian

Inertia has given the crew of Big Titty Cruiser a contact on the planet Ryloth. Ryloth is known for their large spice mining operations producing ryll and other ingredients used throughout the galaxy. The team lands on Nabat Spaceport and meets up with the Twi’lek female contact B’ura B’an who leads a militant group of freedom fighters and holds a political ranking for mining rights on the planet. Grand_Healer_s_robe_by_Urbach.jpg The group is informed of a gang of extortionists under the hire of Gretchan the Hutt is terrorizing a local mining village. They are tasked with protecting the village and eliminating the threat.

291017.jpgVillage leader O’Brin Dor provides information on the 13 thugs that raid and pillage the mining community. He also provides a guide to aid the comrades on a scouting mission of the Hutt encampment by the name of Doq.
cosplay-starwars-pink-twilek-jedi-01.jpg Before heading on the scouting mission, the group pulled together and purchased a shipment of heavy blaster pistols to arm the village in the aid of defending themselves upon another Hutt attack.

Characters of Interest

  • B’ura B’an – Twi’lek female freedom fighter
  • O’Brin Dor – Twi’lek male village leader
  • Doq – Twi’lek scout and guide

Location of Interest

  • Nabat Spaceport
  • Ryloth

Items of Interest

  • 2 speeders acquired
  • Vah-ran acquires 3 bounties (10k, 5k, 2k)
  • 1200 credits each for mission
  • Plans for secret space station on an asteroid field


  • On the way to village, the group encountered a cave with 3 enemies. One human thug lost his leg to the wookie and the other was killed inside the cave as the wookie almost fell to his death down the cavern. The boss was let go on speeder bike by the rodian and Vah caught up via jetpack holding a blaster to the Gand’s head. He was released.
  • Llokay strangled a guard and used him as a human shield. Wookie scares an enemy into peeing and falling on his puddle. Vah blows up the building with the boss in it while Llokay pulls the boss from the flames. Vah uses precision aim to blast the boss’s hand off that was holding a thermal detonator.
  • A safe holds coordinates to a secret space station on an asteroid


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