Star Wars: Rogues, Rebels and Robots

The Learning Curve

Artifacts and Allies

Who played here

  • Vah-ran Sra-e
  • Rodian

While all were asleep aboard BT Cruiser, Vah-ran and the Rodian came across 2 anomalies on the ship scanners. Out of sheer boredom, they decided to check them both out.

Part I
The 2 come out of hyperspace into the shadow of a Imperial silhouette 5 ship within close proximity to a metallic device among the rings of gas giant. The duo assumes this metallic device is worth something and attempt to extract it from space by deceiving the empire they are to assess the situation to make sure the object is safe. The rodian suits up and goes outside to investigate it in person.

The Rodian confirms the metal cube to be some form of Jedi creation. As the Imperials wait impatiently, they begin to realize the duo is indeed false and start to close in. Vah activated the tractor beam as the rodian clings to the cube to be pulled aboard the BT Cruiser. The Imperials close in just as the duo successfully activate hyperspace coordinates. Once within safe distance, they open the Jedi cube to discover a small box containing a Jedi Force Crystal. Force_Crystal_SWGTCG.jpg
It reacts to vah-ran when she places it in her hand, but not to the Rodian. The Rodian points out the symbols on the cube to Vah-ran and they discover it to be a map to a planet.

The duo fly to the coordinates they located on the Jedi cube and locate the planet Yoyce. scene-ruins7.jpg Landing near a pyramid formation, they tracked a trail leading up to it. They encountered three 6 legged catlike creatures near the entrance.
Vah-ran took out 2 of them with ease as she watched her counterpart struggle with the last of then creatures. The Rodian being bested by the creature was also being teased by Vah as she dangled a stim pack in front of him leaning against a tree enjoying the spectacle. Finally the Rodian won his battle and just before Vah could put her hands together, there was clapping coming from the entrance of the pyramid. A Jedi Master Drall stepped forth into the light and congratulated the duo in their performance. He called Vah-ran forward claiming to have been expecting her.

“i’ve waited 5 years for you to arrive so that i could give you this.” He hands her a Jedi Holocron and tells her she is to learn the ways of the force!

Characters of Interest

  • Drall jedi Master

Location of Interest

  • Planet Yoyce

Items of Interest

  • Jedi Force Crystal
  • Jedi Holocron


  • The Rodian oddly clings to the jedi cube for life being tractor beamed in
  • The Rodian accidentally lands his Ghost I with acrobatic maneuvers
  • Vah-ran biffed her landing
  • The pair bonded through trial and error
  • Vah makes the Rodian fend for himself against a 6 legged cat
  • Vah learns she is force sensitive


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