Star Wars Meetup Campaign

A fast an loose romp through the Star Wars universe where the players try to get rich and fulfill their destiny before getting killed, life imprisonment, or having the entire Galaxy hate them. The Galaxy will be a sand box universe created by the character’s actions, random events, and die results. Should be a lot of fun.

Current Availability:
Every Tuesday at Bar (Reed’s Local 3017 West Belmont) I’m completely free @ 8pm but will be in at 4 then we can game until around 11ish 12ish or whatever the people demand.
Saturday at Home (3825 W Diversey) all day, the 19th is my wedding anniversary and the 26th is the bars grand opening. So starting August 2nd will be the first Saturday meetup.

NOTE it’s easier for me to host events then to travel, books be heavy and shit ;)
Home games: Smoking light will be on (Cigarettes), unless one person objects then smoke breaks outside. (Smoking other) Freely but may not be able to supply the group, if one person objects will take breaks in the office to do so.

email me anything, anytime, communication makes my job easier

Useful Links

Computer Tool for Character Creation plus a whole lot more!
At some point I may have a dropboxs folder that contains shared data for this tool.__

Dice Mechanics Overview Basic Dice Mechanics
Obligation Basic info on the Obligations
Obligation PDF List of Obligation types
Duty Basic info on Duty to the Rebellion
Duty PDF List of Duty types
Character creation overview Part 1
Character creation overview Part 2
Game play example FFG’s example of how a encounter plays out
Online index for gear, ships, and droids for the published books

Printable Talent TreesAll Specializations and Force Powers for Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire

Character Sheets
Form-Fillable Character Sheet
Printable Character Sheets
EotE: Character Creation Guide Chart to step through character creation

Game Mecanics

Forums and other RPG Related Links
Offical FFG Edge of the Empire Forums
Offical FFG Age of Rebellion Forums

Wookieepedia Wiki all things Star Wars: lots of information
Order 66 Podcast: For all things Star Wars RPG
Skill Monkey: Audio segments dedicated entirely to each skill used in Star Wars RPG.

House Species in EotE format (Species may conflict with newer supplements)
Item Cards

More to come….

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