Teg Agmemnon (Matt)

Matt's Twi'lek Colonist



Player: Matt
Character: Teg Agmemnon
Species: Twi’lek
Career: Colonist
Specialization: Schplar

Character Sheet: Personalized Character Sheet in PDF Form

Gender: Male
Notable Features:


Teg grew up on Ryloth and was born into a head clan. The clan mostly dealt with the upper catacomb spice farmers and because of the location and the crop, they were targeted by Hutt slavers and thieves. Three of the five clan leaders were taken, while another, Tegs Nara (brother) was killed. Because the clan was not complete anymore, Teg was sent out to the bright lands to be exiled so a new, complete clan leader party could take over. Frustrated and angry Teg stole a Hutt slaver ship so he could try and bring peace to the galaxy in any way he could. I vowed to quell violence and thievery by any means necessary. Upon Tegs eventual arrival on Belsac, the Hutts reclaimed their ship and Teg narrowly escaped with a group who were also on the run from the Hutts.


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Teg Agmemnon (Matt)

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