Fubzz aka Craig

Giselle's Talz Technician


Player: Giselle
Character: Craig
Species: Tolz
Career: Technician
Specialization: Mechanic
Character Sheet: Personalized Character Sheet in PDF Form

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: over 2 meters
Hair: White/gray
Eyes: Black
Notable Features:



Fubzz, like many Talz before him, was from the icy mountainous world of Alzoc III in the Outer Rim. There the Talz lived a primitive lifestyle working the ores found in the many caves and mine systems they inhabited. The Empire now dominates the planet conscripting the natives to work in large mines extracting ore which are shipped off to Imperial shipyards. Fubzz escaped enslavement when he stowed away aboard the smuggling ship named ‘The Damned Wolf’ which was secretly undercutting the Empire’s stockpiles. The crew took the young Fubzz in as one of their own naming him Craig because it was one of the few basic-sounding words Fubzz could say. Even with the language barrier Craig was able to learn many of the skills needed to survive in deepspace and the crew of the Damned Wolf where pleasantly surprised to see how large and intimating the Talz grew to be. Unfortunately life as a smuggler is a hazardous one and the Empire caught up to the The Damned Wolf imprisoning or executing it’s crew. After this Craig hated the Empire even more and the time spent at an Imperial prison world fostered that anger further. While imprisoned a rebel agent used Craig’s strength and technical expertise to assist her in orchestrating their escape from the detention center. More to come….

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Fubzz aka Craig

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